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JimI have been  interested in working with wood for a long time. In my workshop I have produced finished cabinets, shelves, custom chess and backgammon tables to list a few. My fascination with nature came from spending time with my father, a former guide. I spent most of my free time in the woods and beside the large ponds in my home village, watching the birds come and go.

In 2005 I retired from the Brantford Ontario Fire Department and took a carving course at the community college. An acquaintance introduced me to two-time world carving champion Glen Ladenberger and as they say – “the rest is history”

At Glen’s  suggestion, I took seminars from other champion carvers including; Pat Godin, Larry Barth, Bruce Lepper, Glen McMurdo and Floyd Scholtz. Over time I developed a style of my own.

I created Feathered Inspirations to help promote wildfowl art through unique carvings and to help aspiring carvers with their craft.

As a carver, I want to produce art that is unique. Even with all the poses that have been done, a carver can still make what seems to be similar come to life, thus making the carving unique. My hope is that when someone sees one of my creations, they are able to see the motion or intent of the bird about to do something. If this is accomplished, they may see a story in the carving.  Making wooden birds come to life is real art.

Please stop by often and visit my blog as I share my love for carving with you.



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